How Does a Master Key System Locksmith Service Work?

A master key system locksmith is a person who specializes in creating and maintaining master keys, or access codes, for vehicles. The availability of master keys has allowed for more security to be placed on business and personal properties. Individual keys maybe for a car or a home, but these keys may also be required to gain admittance into certain buildings or other locations. Without the presence of an individual key that grants access, a building or location would be less secure.

Many businesses use master keys systems to gain the level of security desired. Businesses employ Locksmith to create a master access code that allows employees to enter certain business areas. The same is true for individuals who may require a master key to gain admittance into their homes. Having these master key systems available to individuals and businesses makes the lives of these individuals and businesses a lot easier. However, many individuals and businesses are unaware of how these systems work.

A master locksmith may utilize one method to create a master key system for your business is called transponder programming. This technique requires that an individual key on an access door or window be programmed with an eight-digit access code. This code is used throughout the establishment and is changed on an annual basis. It is important to note that this process is only effective if the key is left in the original fixture or location where it was initially purchased.

Other methods of transponder programming exist. These methods include Magnetic Stripe Identification (MSTI) and OAT strip access cards. Both require the user to swipe a magnetic stripe through a card reader or a special pad or wand designed to capture the information. Once the information is captured, it is stored and sent to a central database. The database contains all access codes, which have central control. When an access code is lost or stolen, the system will not open unless the correct combination has been entered into the computer.

A master key system is one of the most secure ways to protect business assets. However, there are times when a company or an individual owner needs to lockout a location temporarily. In these cases, a simple combination will not always work. A master locksmith can assist with designing a system that will provide the desired protection. This type of system can be set up to protect any access door or window.

Some access codes will require an individual to enter a specific passcode, verifying the individual’s identity. Other codes will allow an individual to press a button to gain access to the facility. These systems work by using a bell or similar signal device that emits a high-pitched frequency. If this sound is heard in the area where the code is used, the system will not open. However, if there is no response from the system, the access code is ignored, and the code may still be used for other purposes.

A master locksmith can also design a system that can be reset if it becomes damaged or worn. Many times, a company or residence will replace locks within the house or office. However, it may become necessary to reset the master locksmith access code. A master locksmith can reset the system to protect new keys or replace part of the existing access code in these situations. This can be useful for various situations where one wants access to a secured area but has lost their previous key.

A master locksmith can also assist with other issues, including key duplication. It may be necessary to duplicate a master key, especially if one is involved in an automobile accident and the other vehicle’s key is lost or stolen. Master locksmiths can help with the manufacture and production of duplicates of keys for a variety of purposes. This can be necessary when traveling on vacation or moving to a new home. A master locksmith can also assist in opening the car’s doors after they have been locked.