How to Remove Popcorn Without Damaging Your Home’s Structure

If you have noticed that your home’s ceiling is getting dingy and yellow, it’s probably time for Popcorn Ceiling Removal Seattle. You can paint it over, but that will only worsen the problem. The bumpy surface can contain dangerous substances such as lead or asbestos, and it’s best to avoid these materials altogether. Popcorn ceilings are a significant source of damage in older homes. Luckily, there are several simple ways to mitigate this problem without damaging your home’s structure.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The first step is to dampen the ceiling with water. You can wet the texture with a garden hose or use a garden hose. Be careful not to soak the ceiling too much, though, since this could damage drywall and the surrounding areas. To remove the popcorn ceiling, work in small sections and make sure you keep a small spot of water wet. Wait for the water to absorb before you begin scraping.

Watering the ceiling with a garden sprayer is another way to remove popcorn. Use warm water – too much moisture could ruin the sheetrock underneath the texture. Work in sections to minimize the risk of gouging the ceiling. For best results, remove only four square feet at a time. This will ensure that the popcorn ceiling removal is completed without damaging the ceiling. You may need to repeat this step if the texture is too thick.

Fortunately, popcorn ceiling removal is readily achievable for many do-it-yourselfers. But because of the overhead work involved, it’s not recommended for people with balance issues or lower body mobility issues. Also, working from a ladder increases the risk of falls. If your ceiling is exceptionally high, reaching the room’s corners can be challenging. And if you’ve ever heard of a family member who suffered a fall due to a misaligned ceiling, it may not be the best choice for you.

After removing the popcorn texture, you should start the painting process. It can be messy, so wear safety gear and protect your eyes and clothing. Once you’ve removed all the popcorn texture, you can use the paint scraper to paint the newly exposed ceiling. To avoid a big mess, you should move all furniture in the room. Similarly, ceiling fans should be removed, as well. Then, you can paint the ceiling a new color.

While popcorn ceiling removal isn’t a challenging home improvement project, you should be sure to consult with a qualified contractor. If your home was built before 1980, your popcorn ceilings might contain asbestos, and removing this material is dangerous. You must contact an abatement service to get the job done safely. This can be a costly process, so it’s best to leave it to the pros. It’s also best to leave the job to a professional, as it may be necessary to remove asbestos before you do anything else.

Popcorn ceiling removal is an excellent idea if you think of selling your home. It adds value to your home, and it also helps you get rid of any hidden flaws in the ceiling. The white dots from the ceiling can damage the surfaces around it. So, it’s worth the effort. A correctly done popcorn ceiling will give your home a clean look and reassure potential buyers that you haven’t forgotten about it.

However, the cost of popcorn ceiling removal is also dependent on where you live. Located areas have more competition for contractors, while those with the low competition may be more expensive. While the cost of popcorn ceiling removal can be as low as $898, most homeowners spend between $1,863 and $2,847. The price for the project increases if decorative tiles are added. But the process is worth it if you want to make your home look brand-new!

Another option for popcorn ceiling removal is to hire a professional. While labor costs may vary, a professional contractor will charge around $60 an hour to remove the popcorn from your ceiling. In addition to paying the contractors, it’s also important to remember that popcorn ceiling removal is time-consuming, requiring scraping, cutting corners, and removing screws. If the ceiling is textured, it could contain hazardous asbestos. When airborne, asbestos can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma.

If your home is located in a luxury neighborhood, buyers are likely to expect upgrades to be made before they make an offer. A small investment of time and money can add as much as $35,000 to your home’s value. However, if you live in a smaller house, popcorn ceiling removal might not be worth the cost. The investment will not have as much impact on the value of your home if your cabinets are in terrible shape, so it may be better to skip this task altogether.